Maltra Foods is proudly home to 4 of our very own brands. From drinking chocolate and chai to soft serves and sweeteners – our house of brands proudly offers some of Australia’s most loved café and retail products!

Arkadia Beverages

Delicious chai teas are just the beginning when it comes to Arkadia Beverages. From 7 blends of drinking chocolate, over 20 syrups, and a growing range of frappes, milkshake toppings, smoothie purees and dessert sauces – the possibilities are endless with Arkadia Beverages!

Urban Barista

Expand the minds and senses with the exciting new tastes, colours and textures of Urban Barista. Not only do we use the finest natural ingredients, we frequently embark on flavour safaris to discover the freshest new trends so you can focus on your latté art. Evolve your beverage offering & explore our range of superfoods lattés & more...

Jack Frost

No café or restaurant menu is quite complete without the indulgence of Jack Frost ice cream. From Premium Frozen Yoghurt blends to the creamiest Australian Milk Soft Serve, the only issue you’ll have with our specialty blends is not eating it all yourself!


GreenSpoon understands that nothing is more important than a happy, healthy household. That's why we are devoted to bringing only natural sweeteners to your table. Enjoy all the sweet things nature intended and naturally.

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