We operate a state-of-the-art blending and packing facility that enables us to deliver consistent world-class service to our customers. Our fully computerised blending, manufacturing and packing facility is air-conditioned with the capability to control and tailor temperature and relative humidity to acceptable standards and/or specific customer requirements.

Our 10,500 sqm. purpose-built facilities separate warehousing, blending and packing zones in order to minimise the risk of cross-contamination between ingredients and finished products. The production facilities are designed for efficient dry blending and liquids packing - capable of facilitating simple or complex single batches of product to batch continuous programs.

For peace of mind, special monitoring and control programs can be set up for products requiring allergen-free assurance at your request, delivering traceability from raw materials to finished products through to the distribution chain.

The manufacturing program at Maltra Foods is designed for flexibility, fast turnaround and above all world-class quality.

Maltra Foods are proud to be the Australian agent for JB COCOA Sdn Bhd, who manufactures quality cocoas that are used successfully throughout food industries around the world.

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